About Atlas

Atlas strives to deliver a truly premium service to dramatically improve human health and performance.

At Atlas, we believe in a fully holistic approach to health and training. We view each situation from a big picture perspective to deliver personalised solutions to you. To achieve superior results we focus on four key areas: Psychology, Lifestyle, Activity and Nutrition. To us training is only one piece of the puzzle and we seek improvements in all facets of your life.

Likewise, we believe in principles over systems to ensure we provide a genuine personalised service. Our founding principles are as follows:

    • We prioritise your health first, focusing strongly on the right nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Our nutrition approach focuses on education and habit creation to build nutritional skills for sustainable results. Likewise, our lifestyle approach strongly focuses on behavioural modifications such as sleep improvements and stress reduction. Problems here severely impact your physique (performance and appearance) whilst decreasing your cognitive (brain) function and health. Thus to us, superior health  is integral and provides the platform for superior training, resulting in greater performance and a better physique.
    • Focusing on strength improvements provides motivation and direction. Likewise, it builds a more fatigue and injury resilient body and lays the platform for a better physique and superior performance. By increasing top end strength you’ll simply have a greater “strength reserve”. This means you’ll be able to lift contextually more weight and produce more power for longer periods of time. Greater strength will also aid lean muscle development, strengthen bones and provide a platform for healthy ageing.
    • Modern sedentary lifestyles are designed for comfort yet they produce terrible postures and decreased activity. To counter this we implement specialised mobility routines and injury prevention methods to improve physical function. Likewise, we strongly believe in building more active lifestyles via increased daily movement. A more active person will typically have more nutritional flexibility (more calories burnt), lower stress levels and a superior base level of fitness. All of these elements are integral for healthy ageing and a superior physique.
    • A superior base level of aerobic fitness will improve the functioning of your heart and your health by lowering resting heart rate and decreasing blood pressure. This has a direct impact on your ability to handle stress, change your physique and achieve superior health as you age. We implement periodised strength and conditioning programs to build your fitness levels safely and intelligently to maximise performance and health.
    • Our thoughts impact our physique, health and performance. Likewise, it’s recently been shown that our mindset and stress response can impact our ageing process. As such, to improve health, performance and ageing we believe in developing mental skills and building resilience. Physical training most definitely can build resilience but we also believe in meditation, breathing techniques, positivity and goal setting to improve mindset.


The name Atlas is derived from Greek mythology regarding a Titan who was condemned by Zeus to support the world on his shoulders. Today however, the name is more commonly associated with a map. We believe both these meanings perfectly depict what we do at Atlas, as we strive to support you and show you the way.