Keystone Habits

Habits drive human behaviour and can both positively and negatively impact our lives. In fact research has shown that up to 45% of our daily behaviour is dictated by our habits. However not all habits are created equal with some being more powerful than others. These habits are classified as “keystone habits” as they impact the development of multiple other positive habits.

Exercise is one such keystone habit. While exercising is itself extremely beneficial it commonly impacts other areas and can lead to the development of superior nutritional and lifestyle habits, such as eating better quality food and sleeping more. Similarly if that keystone habit is lost due it can lead to a cascade effect and the loss of multiple other habits. This is commonly illustrated when an individual gets busy with work resulting in skipped training, inferior food chooses and less sleep.

Ultimately habit formation takes time but if we create the right habits it can have a profound effect on our lives well into the future.