At Atlas we pride ourselves on results based training! We have spent years mastering our craft coaching in the gym and researching in the classroom. Yet the key to achieving a great result comes down to progression and accountability. Shown here are just a few of the great physique transformations we’ve achieved over the last year with the time frames varying. The benefits of these results can last a lifetime and you can achieve them too!

21 week diet to reverse diet for Amanda (right picture: consuming 2400 calories p/day)
8 week transformation for Henry

Post physique competition reverse diet for Sharelle 
9 month transformation for Glen after 3 major surgeries

12 week transformation for Francois

2+ years lifestyle transformation Casey
6 week mini cut for Tim
12 week transformation for Bronte
12 week wedding transformation for Kate
Reverse diet from 1400 calories to 2400 calories for Katie

Client top left: Amanda (12 weeks). Client top right: Luci (10 weeks).
Client bottom left: Varun (12 weeks). Client bottom right: Casey (12 weeks)
Client top left: Leanne (10 weeks). Client top right: Chris (16 weeks).
Client bottom left: Russell (16 weeks), Client bottom right: Erik (12 weeks).