We offer fully tailored mentoring to both individuals and small groups. The benefit of mentoring is that it allows you to immediately dive deeply into a key topic area to rapidly up-skill your knowledge. This in turn will enhance your ability to achieve an amazing client result and have a greater impact. Simply, we firmly believe that increasing your education is the ultimate invest in yourself and your business.  While the fitness industry is highly saturated, you can break through the noise if you are armed with the right tools. Sessions are typically conducted virtually via a Zoom call and are 60 minutes duration.

To express your interest, please email inform of us of your desired focus areas. While we will happily cover numerous topics, many of our requests centre around the following areas:

  • Energy balance (manipulating the variables of energy in vs out)
  • Training periodisation (physique transformations and performance enhancement)
  • Nutritional periodisation (physique transformations and performance enhancement)
  • Client biofeedback assessment (how to dive deeper to assess progress and health)
  • Movement assessment (identifying limiting factors and overcoming dysfunction)
  • Reverse dieting (strategically increasing calories to enhance health and performance)
  • Systems review and creation (audit and assistance of your current protocols)