12-Week Training Strategy

Ever wanted “just a program” but want one that is personalised to you? Then this service is exactly what you’re looking for!

Glen will create a fully customised and periodised 12-week training strategy, consisting of multiple 3-4 week-long programs. The training will be centred around your goal, ability and available equipment.

You simply have to fill out the application below and we’ll be in touch shortly.


Getting Started

Step One.

Submit training plan application

Step Two.

ATLAS replies via email with additional documentation within 3 business days.

Step Three.

Complete documentation and make payment.

Step Four.

Intro consult conducted virtually via Zoom (optional but recommended).

Step Five.

Strategy is created by ATLAS & plan is issued.


What’s included:

  • 1 x virtual intro consult with Glen (30 minutes) – optional but highly recommended
  • 12-weeks of periodised training with multiple programs
  • Training FAQ & access to our exercise library
  • Personal video message from Glen explaining your plan


12-week plan + intro consult: $499 AUD
12-week plan (no consult): $399 AUD

Further details

The questions listed here are deliberately thorough to ensure Glen knows exactly what to prescribe you. After you submit your application, we will reply via email within 3 business days with additional documentation. Once that is complete, we can proceed to the next step.

The intro consult is a one-off online video call via Zoom which allows Glen to more deeply assess your needs and situation. While it isn’t compulsory, it is highly recommended. It also allows you to ask any key questions and gain a greater understanding of the process.

The session is focused purely on training and is 30-minutes duration. If you wish to focus on nutrition related topics, please request a longer consult.

Following the consult, Glen will begin crafting out your personalised strategy to ensure you can achieve an amazing result.

You’ll receive multiple strategic and periodised training programs which synergistically flow together to ensure you achieve your goal. Everything created will be based around what equipment you have, whilst factoring in your training ability and any limitations. Recommendations may also be provided for key pieces of equipment you would benefit from as well. Please note, each training program features 4 days of lifting per week.

This service is a training only option, with no nutritional coaching offered. If you wish to focus on nutrition as well, we suggest you apply for our 1:1 Online Coaching as it is included within that offering.

After the intro consult, Glen will have the information needed to create your 12-week training strategy. However, once your strategy has been issued to you, there is no further communication during the 12-week period. If you are seeking regular communication, and adjustments, we suggest you apply for our flagship 1:1 online coaching service. If after completing the initial 12 weeks you wish to continue with an additional 12-weeks, please apply again as per previously.

Apply Now

Thank you for your interest in applying with ATLAS. We will review your Programming Application and reply within 3-5 business days pending approval of your request.

Please ensure you mention all types of resistance you have available (dumbbells, barbell, bands, machine etc.) and the range of resistance (how heavy). Plus, state if you have a squat rack, adjustable bench, chin up bar etc.

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