ATLAS was founded in 2017 by Glen Carroll, when he worked full time as a Coach in the Sydney CBD at Australia’s leading commercial gym. In 2019, ATLAS transitioned to being a purely online business, with the goal to coach and educate to a truly global audience.

Our mission is simple – We strive to deliver elite results and education, whilst providing a professional and premium service.

The Coaches


Glen Carroll

Glen is a highly qualified coach with a diverse background and 10 years industry experience. He has multiple degrees (Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science, Bachelor of Commerce) and has extensive professional development across numerous areas. Within ATLAS, he serves as the Director and Head Coach while overlooking the strategy for all clients within the business. He trains everyone from physique competitors, to the general population looking for a transformation or superior health. He has an intense passion for education and the development of other coaches. Glen has also lectured extensively on both an international and domestic stage.


Amanda Carroll

Amanda as a coach aims to empower and upskill her clients. She cares deeply about creating agency and developing sustainable change. She encourages a creative nutritional approach with clientele so as to develop a more positive relationship with food.
Amanda is continually evolving her own physique through testing the methods ATLAS uses to better understand her clients and the juggle between being a mother, athlete, and coach. She is personally coached by Glen and naturally has been heavily mentored by him as well. 

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