Accentuated Eccentric Push Up

Accentuated Eccentric Push Up

Building a strong push up can be challenging due to the nature of the movement. However, if you incorporate special methods such as an accentuated eccentric, progression can be more easily achieved. 

An accentuated eccentric consists of varied resistance within the movement, with a higher resistance on the eccentric (lowering) phase than there is on the concentric (raising) phase. 

To achieve this here, I have to change my body positioning and weight distribution. This involves me performing the push up from my feet on the lowering phases, which means I’ll lower with greater resistance. Then at the bottom, I convert the motion into a push up from the knees, raising up this way against a slightly lighter resistance.

This is very helpful because you’ll be stronger on the eccentric phase of a movement, with a greater ability to generate force than on the concentric. Thus, you’re able to better train one phase of the movement and work more to your ability on the other phase. 

Additionally, an improved ability to absorb force via eccentric strength gains, will aid your ability to apply my force on the concentric phase. So, if you have a weak push up, give this a go and focus on getting stronger on the eccentric phase.