This option allows us to do all of the intensive mentorship, except we will meet up and do it in person, all at once at our place in Sydney. We can purely talk business and coaching, or alternatively we can mix in a training session and I’ll coach and assess you.

Budget for five hours total duration for this experience. Once we’re done, we can grab a meal together. You have the option of doing the experience solo or with a friend/partner. Please note, places are limited and I only take on ONE experience session per month.

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Intensive Mentorship

This mentorship is designed to rapidly accelerate your knowledge and take your coaching ability to the next level. We can cover any topic area of your choosing and can work together to tailor the focus to ensure you get the most value out of the mentorship. You will also get a behind the scenes look at how we operate our business and methods, to support your own business development.

Sessions are conducted virtually using an online video call using Zoom. This allows us to share our screens to enhance the learning experience and more easily engage in a detailed discussion together. We also can record our call to ensure you can refer back to our session in the future.

The mentorship will be broken down into 4 x 1-hour sessions, typically conducted at a regular time on a weekly basis. Prior to starting together you’ll be be required to complete a background and skills assessment so I can optimally guide the mentorship. You will also be expected to do weekly homework along with additional reading outside of our sessions together.

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Pick my brain

This session is designed to be a one-off discussion centred around problem solving and educational up-skilling. Sessions are 60 minutes duration and are conducted virtually using an online video call. This allows me to share my screen to present content and also to record the session so you can review at a later date.

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