We offer the following coaching services:

Physique transformation

For those looking to improve their physique, health, lifestyle and lifting. This option works best for the general population and members of the fitness industry who aren’t looking to compete.

Physique contest preparation

For those wanting to step on stage. While experience isn’t necessary, a significant time commitment and dedication is required.


For those seeking superior athletic performance, movement, and sports specific nutrition.


Getting Started

Step One.

Submit coaching application.

Step Two.

ATLAS accepts or declines within 3 days to join our team, with additional information to follow.

Step Three.

Accept or decline coaching offer.

Step Four.

Prepare for pre coaching intro consult conducted virtually via ZOOM.

Step Five.

Strategy is created to begin the next Monday. Welcome to TEAM ATLAS.


Are you suited to online coaching with atlas?

You can achieve an amazing result with online coaching, but it isn’t suited to everybody. As a result, we ensure we take on the right clients where it’s a good fit for us both. To better understand what we look for, all of our clients have the following characteristics:

  • They want to learn more and become more self-sufficient
  • They have a foundational competency in the gym (2 years + experience)
  • They know how to track their nutritional intake
  • They understand true change is a multi-step process and aren’t looking for a quick fix
  • They have a goal
  • They are ready to invest both their time and finances

If this sounds like you then what are you waiting for?


Coaching with ATLAS is a truly bespoke service centred around results AND education. 

Our coaching doesn’t cover just training or just nutrition. It covers training AND nutritional coaching to maximise your result. In addition, we also provide lifestyle coaching as it also impacts your training and nutrition. 

We will provide ongoing education to you throughout the coaching period to ensure you’re learning along the way. We will teach you foundational concepts and explain the why behind all our decisions.  In addition, we will also issue you with educational material such as lecture recordings and presentations on key concepts. 

Most importantly, our coaching is fully customised to your needs, ability and context.

While 12 weeks is the initial minimum period, we operate based on the assumption that you are with us for at least 24 weeks. While this is a bigger commitment, it allows us to achieve a superior and sustainable result.

Some clients will diet first over the initial 12-16 weeks, then follow this with a reverse diet period of multiple weeks to solidify their result. Other clients may first spend the initial 12 weeks focusing on building muscle or reverse dieting. Once a superior position has been established, this type of client would then diet to reveal their true progress.

Please note, if you are interested in Physique Contest Preparation, the minimum period here is 24 weeks. Only in select instances will we take on a client for less than this period.

The intro consult occurs virtually via a video call and is an extended duration session, totalling 60 minutes plus. If you are Sydney based, the consult can also be conducted in person pending availability.

Prior to the consult, you will be required to complete background documentation so we can conduct an initial audit of your status and history. Within the consult call, we will more deeply assess your situation, answer all your questions and outline the strategies and principles we may employ. This is also a brilliant chance for you to ask us any questions and we strongly encourage you to come prepared and take notes during the call.

Following the consult, we will review the session and begin crafting out your bespoke strategy to ensure you can achieve an amazing result. Furthermore, due to the importance of the intro consult, we treat it as a separate session from the coaching itself.

The primary form of communication occurs via email. We use a combination of deep written emails, along with video messages. 

Regular client check ins occur on a weekly basis and begin with the completion of your “biofeedback” form. This is a detailed document which allows us to assess how you’re feeling and what your progress is. From here, we will come back to you with a detailed email discussing your progress and what, if any, changes are to be made to your strategy. 

Any additional forms of communication will be at the discretion of your coach. Each coach has a different style and preference, while every client has different communication needs. Clear and concise communication is absolutely crucial, and we strive to ensure all our strategies are perfectly understood. 

You’ll receive strategic and periodised training programs which synergistically flow together to ensure you achieve your goal. The duration of the program will vary according to the phase and goal but will typically be 3-4 weeks in duration. There will most definitely be no form of randomness or generic element with the programming. Regardless of the goal, we can almost guarantee that you will be stronger and more injury resilient thanks to our program design.

You will also be provided with a strategic cardio protocol and a periodised daily step target to compliment the nutrition and training protocols. This will ensure your result is maximised as your energy output is dictated by many factors and needs to work in conjunction with your nutritional protocols.

The foundation of our strategy focuses on the manipulation of nutritional targets combined with ongoing advice. Nutritional manipulation is a highly fluid process and requires extensive changes based off your progress and feedback. We couple your nutritional strategy with continued education to ensure you’ll finish with us significantly upskilled from when you began. Ultimately, we strive to teach you how to eat, rather than rigidly telling you what to eat.

No, we don’t provide rigid meal plans. Instead we focus on teaching principles and developing skills, whilst allowing you the flexibility to make your own choices within the strategy created. However, we will provide guidance and recommendations on food choices and options. 

You will begin a reverse dieting phase to solidify your result and exit you from a precarious spot. This requires the strategic reversal of your dieting protocols which we employed. The first step here is to return to maintenance calories, however this point will have moved due to adaptation and body weight loss. By strategically reversing the strategies of a dieting phase, we can minimise body fat regain, whilst restoring your health and metabolism to superior levels. This post dieting phase is a crucial part of the process and a key component of our coaching service.

No. This is because our coaching service includes all elements of the training, nutrition and health coaching process, with it working most optimally when we are in charge of all of these areas

Our coaching is very analytical and requires the collection of data and the manipulation of key variables. As such, you will be required to purchase or have access to the following:

An activity tracker e.g. FitBit, Oura Ring or Apple Watch): This is to measure your daily steps which is a crucial part of the process. The FitBit and Oura ring also track your sleep which is a nice bonus.

Body weight scale: Regular weigh ins are a crucial part of the process and allow us to assess your progress. It is a simple yet brilliant accountability tool to aid long term health and fat loss.

Food scale: To weigh and measure nutritional serving sizes. This also serves as an educational tool to increase your nutritional skills and knowledge.

My Fitness Pal (MFP) or Equivalent: It simply serves as your diary whereby you enter your food to hit the targets we prescribe you. The goal is precision to hit your macronutrient and fibre targets.

Access to a Gym: To maximise your result, you will need enough of the right equipment.

You can request to be put on a waiting list and/or check back in with us in approximately 6 weeks. While either coach will not always be available, we work as a team and coach with the same founding principles. The strategies used are based on the Carroll family’s approach to health and fitness. All clients within the business are discussed at our bi-weekly strategy meetings.

We only train natural clients who are drug free. If you wish to use performance or physique enhancing drugs, we are not the coaches for you.

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