Strength Training Principles

All intelligent and successful training will usually abide by these key principles regardless of the goal. Are you neglecting any of these key principles?

🔘 SPECIFICITY: How you train dictates how you adapt and what physical attributes are enhanced. Logic says training should be specific to your goal. If you want to get stronger, your training should be biased to that quality. 

🔘 OVERLOAD: Continued progression involves overload to allow for adaptation to occur. This involves a disturbance of homeostasis (your body’s perception of normal) via an increase in training stress, typically via greater volume, intensity or frequency. 

🔘 INDIVIDUALITY: While everyone should abide by these laws, everyone responds differently to training. Customisation of your strategy is crucial if you want to optimally progress. 

🔘 VARIATION: Involves the manipulation of training variables to promote continued progression over time, whilst preventing staleness and injury. You can manipulate infinite variables such as exercise selection, reps, tempo & volume. 

🔘 REVERSIBILITY: A detraining effect will occur without sufficient stimulus. Use it or lose it… 

🔘 RECOVERABILITY: Training is fundamentally a stress to the body and recovery is crucial to enhance performance. We all have unique tolerance levels and if it is surpassed, performance will suffer without regeneration. Without recovery, continued progression will suffer as fatigue accumulates.